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Macropixel Solutions designs and hosts its own websites with T1 speed connections. Upon completion of a website, maintenance is essential and critical to keeping a website updated. The monthly maintenance fee includes the hosting services, technical support, monthly limited free updates, and more.

Headache Free
By having Macropixel Solutions as your Internet Provider, you will be relieved from any stress caused by hardware, software or technical operations. Our staff of experienced professionals will guide you through the launching of your Website. If you are transferring from another host, we will handle the entire transfer for you and setup your Website free of charge.

We Host Only Our Clients
Macropixel designs and hosts its own websites. We do not allow users to have FTP access to files. We take extreme precautions to ensure that our clients' sites operate effectively and not affected by other users. We treat our clients as more of an Internet business partner. All of our clients will be provided with a standard Medius Search Engine submission plan with the ability to upgrade to Maximus plan. The Maximus plan ensures submissions of our clients' sites to search engines every other month, which further ensures sites' placements and presence in the database with current keywords. We will assist and advice you on how to maximize your Internet exposure in order to increase website traffic.

Fast Speed Connection
All of your visitors should have a pleasant visitng experience at your website with their online purchases made with ease. Our dedicated fast T1 speed connection facilitates visits to your website by your customers.. Due to the high bandwidth of the connection, it eliminates any congestion problems your visitors may have which in turn allows your visitors and customers browse and shop with ease.

Keeping Your Website Updated
Among all factors, Website Content Management differentiates Macropixel the most. All of our packages include making updates and changes to your Web pages in a timely manner. Sections such as What's New, Press Releases, Monthly or Weekly Specials are usually the common type of maintenance we have made in addition to the very timely sensitive materials where hourly implements are critical. We will implement and update your new information within 24-48 hours to ensure that your site has the most updated information at all times.

  • Headache Free
  • Fast T1 Speed Connection
  • Saves download time for your visitors
  • Renders a pleasant shopping experience for your customers
  • Free Monthly Updates


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